VIDEO: Todd Carey 2015 Year in Review

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WOW! WOW! Can I say that!? It is crazy that 2015 is over. It is even crazier that this will be the 5th year I have put together one of these slide shows. Each year just gets better. I love looking back on all the wonderful happenings that happened in Todd Carey’s life in a year. All the events that the ToddSquad were able to be a part of and many that we helped make happen!

This video is a special one being number five. It is the first time I have included fan photos as well as a little something special at the end for TC!

As we enter another year I just want to take the time to say thank you. First to Todd. Thank you for letting me run ihrtTC. Thank you for giving me the freedom to create something beautiful. Thank you for loving me. We have been doing this together for 5 years and through it all it continues to grow and bring in so many amazing people who want to see your music be something wonderful.

To the ToddSquad thank you! Thank you for supporting IhrtTC and me. 🙂 Thank you for jumping on board with all my crazy ideas and making this site something amazing. It would not be what it is without each one of YOU! Thank you for supporting Todd!!!

I heart you!

As we look back on 2015 let’s remember all the grand adventures and let’s get ready for 2016! I can’t wait….

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