Todd Carey #FanFriday Review 1.22.2016

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Another great Todd Carey #FanFriday today! I am so happy to have two amazing fans to recognize. Check out their stories below and send some love to them through twitter. If you want to be a part of a #FanFriday sign up HERE


Name: Eliza Carlin
Twitter handle: @elizacarlin_
How long have you been a Todd Carey fan? For about 6 months. I found out about him after he followed me on Twitter and I’ve been in love ever since.
What do you love about Todd? His beautiful, gorgeous and genuine smile 🙂
Fun Fact about YOU! I’m a musical theatre fanatic! I have actually been in 2 professional musicals, Annie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and I’m auditioning for my next one in a few weeks 😁

Name: Amy
Twitter handle: @Jkshersheygrl
How long have you been a Todd Carey fan? Year and a half
What do you love about Todd? That he is so kind and we consider each other friends
Fun Fact about YOU! I live in Hershey, PA about 3 minutes from the chocolate factory

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