Todd Carey #FanFriday Review 1.29.2016

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IMG_3373WOWZA!! I heart Friday’s! So many new fan submissions and we got to celebrate and recognize three amazing, beautiful people!

Thank you to Chloe, Apple, and Micheal a new fan! The Squad keeps on growing and that makes me oh so happy! <3

If you haven’t signed up yet to be featured do so HERE! We are going to get to EVERYONE so keep signing up and keep the Friday’s coming! 😉

Read today’s story below and don’t forget to stop by and say hi on twitter! Heart you all!

Name: Chloe
Twitter handle: @Cw0207
How long have you been a Todd Carey fan? Not sure, a long time but when Nintendo came out I started to get really inspired by him.
What do you love about Todd? That he interacts with his fans 😘
Fun Fact about YOU! II have an Instagram fan account for Todd Carey and Andy Grammer (@tc_ag) because I am obsessed with their -and a lot of singers- music 🎤🎶🎵🎧🎻🎻🎸

Name: Apple
Twitter handle: @GigantoApple
How long have you been a Todd Carey fan? Since last year only
What do you love about Todd? His voice,looks and being so kind to his fans.
Fun Fact about YOU! For being a naughty😃

Name: Michael
Twitter handle: @ ETz_ShugaBoi
How long have you been a Todd Carey fan? 2weeks
What do you love about Todd? His Humility and ready to see the best in an individual. He follows me actually on twitter and that has spun me to wanna be close to carey.
Fun Fact about YOU! Lol.. Well, believe me, I am a huge fan of carey. And that’s a fun fact about me!

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