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Introducing Todd Talk

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Good Afternoon ToddSquad!! On this amazing ToddTuesday I would like to introduce a new series called…. Todd Talk. It is a short question interview we will be doing on a regular basis with TC. I hope to have fun, exciting, challenging questions as well as questions that let us know what is going on in Todd’s music career. Stay tuned because I want to get you guys involved too! Enjoy reading the first edition below!

Welcome to Todd Talk:

1. Tell me how it feels to have your album Future Throwback out?

TC: Thanks for having me! So excited we are able to do this interview 🙂

Having Future Throwback finally out is a combination of excitement and relief. I’ve wanted everyone to hear this music so badly for so long. As a musician and a writer I was really anxious to get feedback on something I had been creating for years.

It’s also a giant weight off my shoulders. Not only the positive reactions and chart performance etc., but just as someone who wanted to share my art and begin a new project. The biggest reward is everyone sharing the lyrics and inside quotes, and singing the songs at shows!

2. I know it changes often but currently, what is your favorite song to play off Future Throwback?

TC: You nailed it! It changes all the time. Currently, I’m really enjoying “My Kind of Crazy”. We played it a lot when I first wrote it then retired it for about a year. Then, when the album came out and people started responding to that song, it was a surprise, bouncy, funky injection back into the shows.

“Ready” has been really fun, too. I achieved a singing goal of performing that song almost beyond my ability on the record. Now it’s a joy to try and get to that place on stage.

Two fun questions – not necessarily about music – to learn a little more about Todd Carey:

3. What inspires you?

TC: Great question. I’m getting daily inspiration from fresh modern music and imagery right now. Honestly, just going on Instagram and seeing what people are creating and how they are sharing their art; I love seeing people do it differently and viscerally.

4. You can give one object (the same object) to everyone in the world. What is it and why?

TC: Assuming everyone had basic amenities (food, shelter, clothing)…probably a smart phone or similar device. I just feel like it allows for the power to connect and learn.

5. Do you have anything you would like fans to know about Future Throwback being out in the digital and physical world? Words of thanks? Words fans may not hear every day in the Twitter world from you?

TC: Good question. As you observed, I try to express my gratitude often directly to my audience. I would clarify that there is an exchange here that I take extremely seriously. I try not to ask too much of my audience and try to always deliver as much as I can. I seriously make it my 24-hour mission. It’s always, “How do I best deliver the best music, art, imagery, offers and most importantly, spirit and inspiration?”

6. With Future Throwback out in the world, what’s next for Todd Carey?

TC: I feel SUPER free. I’m in love with the feeling of “I could write a whole new album, or just drop a single out of nowhere”. It’s incredibly liberating!

That being said, I’m working obsessively on new music, writing as much as I can on my own and collaborating with other people.

I feel more optimistic about the future than I’ve felt in a long time. A big part of this is the support I’ve gotten from my audience, the ToddSquad, my fans, my friends, and my family. They let me live this dream and I’m grateful.

7 DAYS! Todd Carey “OMG” Countdown!!

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Starting a countdown as we get excited for the second single “OMG” off Todd Carey’s upcoming album Future Throwback! You can pre-order the single here!

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 10.53.09 AM

TODAY ONLY: Buy ONE get ONE Free! IhrtTC ToddSquad Bracelet!

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As we prep for Todd Carey’s BIG announcement tomorrow let’s get ready and show our ToddSquad IhrtTC pride. Today only buy ONE bracelet and get a second FREE to share with a friend. Stock up today! Click below to add to your cart! Happy ToddTuesday!


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 11.35.48 AM

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Todd Carey Nintendo Fan Lyric Video

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Here is another awesome fan lyric video put together by members of The Todd Squad. We should really do these more often. With that being said if you didn’t get to participate in this one or you didn’t get your lines in on time no worries WE will have more.

Today check out this awesome fan lyric video for Todd Carey’s #1 Billboard Twitter chart single “Nintendo”. Thank you to all who participated. A BIG thank you to all who watch. Thank you to Todd for such an awesome song!

Enjoy! <3

#ToddTuesday Fan Art (@toddcarey)

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I am SOOOOOOOO excited about this piece. I <3 it so much. Just look at it. The Nintendo lyrics put together to form a Nintendo controller. The most creative I have seen yet!

Photo credit and a huge round of internet applause goes to @GollyGeeNica!

Click on image to make LARGER!


#ToddTuesday Fan Art #Nintendo @ToddCarey

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I have been waiting for the Nintendo Video to premiere! This piece of fan art is perfect and I have had it on hold for today!! Made by Sertac Demirel I heart this piece of art! I hope you do too!

Leave a comment or two below :)

Make sure to get in on the action next Tuesday by uploading a picture to the Todd Carey Fan Art Gallery.

Let’s get this #ToddTuesday RIGHT!! <3

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#ToddTuesday Fan Art Fun (@toddcarey)

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Today we celebrate another #ToddTuesday. All day Todd Carey. Here at ihrtTC we pick a piece of the wonderful fan art being submitted in the gallery! I think the piece below totally represents the Iheart theme here. We thank Amanda for sending in this awesome picture!  Leave a comment or two below 🙂

Make sure to get in on the action next Tuesday by uploading a picture to the Todd Carey Fan Art Gallery.

Have a terrific #ToddTuesday <3


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#ToddTuesday Fan Art Fun

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Today we get to have a little fun with some of the amazing fan art that you guys are creating. To start off our very first week I am going back to the very beginning with the first ever photo uploaded! It comes to us from the wonderful Sherry Blakley-Stephens. I love all the work she submits to the ihrtToddCarey page.  We will have it posted here, on our facebook page, twitter and instagram! Please take a look and leave a nice comment!

Make sure to get in on the action next Tuesday by uploading a picture to the Todd Carey Fan Art Gallery.

Have a terrific #ToddTuesday <3

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 7.10.44 PM


Introducing #ToddTuesday (@ToddCarey)

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Introducing #ToddTuesday!! Do you heart Todd? AWESOME! Start creating your fan art and stop back by the ihearttoddcarey Fan Art page. Upload your photos and each week 1 or 2 photos will be selected and featured here on the website as well as the ihrtTC Twitter, FB, and Instagram. Some fun contests will be coming too!

Here is the link to upload your photo! Make sure to include your name or twitter handle when uploading photo!